Dziedzic Public Affairs


Formed by Erin Dziedzic in 2012, Dziedzic Public Affairs' primary focus is to advance our clients' mission through strategic planning, advocacy, and direct lobbying.

​At Dziedzic Public Affairs, our team of three highly proficient women use our skills, contacts, and expertise to strongly represent our clients with the legislature and also with agencies and community partners throughout the state. Our team has over 45 combined years in lobbying, state government, policy development, grassroots organizing, and campaigns.

Dziedzic Public Affairs has represented a wide range of clients including large and small non-profits, cities, health care systems, and coalitions. We have strong and positive working relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle and from around the state. We have had success working on both budget issues, including in the operating, capital and transportation budgets, as well as policy issues.

We develop a specific strategy for each issue and believe very strongly in always having a Plan A, B, and C so our clients are clear on priorities and expectations while also being prepared if circumstances change. We believe strongly in factoring in the political landscape and adapting strategy as that landscape changes and evolves.