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Erin Dziedzic


Carrie has worked in public policy since 2006.  Her focus is on Washington State legislative and administrative policies relating to health access, food security, nutrition, prevention, child development, and more.    

Carrie started her career in public policy by working as a grassroots organizer for the American Cancer Society in Washington State.  During her time with the American Cancer Society, Carrie mobilized volunteers to help pass legislation to both prevent cancer and also improve the quality of and access to health care for cancer patients.  
Carrie then served as a Policy Specialist in the Region 10 Office of the Regional Director with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  In her role, Carrie worked with community partners and federal, state, local and tribal officials on a wide range of health and social service issues, including implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  After her time working for the federal government, Carrie returned to the non-profit sector to work on issues relating to health access, food security, and public health.

Carrie became part of the Dziedzic Public Affairs team in April 2016.  Her work product includes policy development, research and analysis,  development of communications materials, collaborating with legislative offices to schedule appointments, and working directly with Erin's clients to give them the best service possible.  

Erin has worked in public policy and politics since 2000. In 2012, she formed Dziedzic Public Affairs to continue and extend her work supporting non-profits by helping them engage in the legislative process.  

She has extensive knowledge of the very complex and rapidly changing healthcare environment both nationally and within Washington State. She was deeply involved in crafting the legislation that created Washington State’s acclaimed Health Exchange, which was a key component in the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act.    

Recently, Erin was nationally recognized for her outstanding work in the primary prevention of cancer and continuous contributions in comprehensive cancer control.  She was awarded the 
2013 Carol Friedman Award by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which began with a nomination created by many of her clients who came together for this effort. 

Erin has a background in lobbying, campaigns, and fundraising. Other issues she is involved with include transportation, healthy children, prevention, insurance benefits, capital budget, and chronic disease. She has also worked as a legislative aide in Olympia and has run several successful legislative campaigns. 

​Prior to starting her own company, Erin was the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s director of government relations for the State of Washington. She worked as the chief staff lobbyist for ACS CAN managing both state and federal issues from 2006 until 2013.

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