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Carrie has worked in public policy development and advocacy since 2006. Her focus is on Washington State legislative and administrative policies relating to health access, food security, nutrition, prevention, child development, and improving health outcomes. She also has a passion and skill for taking complex policy issues and translating them so people from different sectors or those who aren’t deep in policy work can understand an issue and get involved. She believes this helps create unexpected and compelling partnerships in campaigns and brings different voices to Olympia who might not have otherwise engaged.

Prior to joining Dziedzic Public Affairs in 2016, Carrie worked for a statewide nonprofit organization on issues relating to health access, food security, and public health. In that role, Carrie established the policy department and helped transform the organization’s mission and direct service work into a platform for improving state-level policies and systems through legislative and administrative advocacy.

Carrie’s background includes working as a grassroots organizer for a national chronic disease organization and also serving as a policy specialist for the Region 10 Office of the Regional Director with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

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Dziedzic Public Affairs

Erin has worked in public policy and politics since 2000. In 2012, she formed Dziedzic Public Affairs to continue and extend her work supporting non-profits by helping them engage in the legislative process. She has extensive knowledge of the complex and rapidly changing political environment within Washington state and is a respected expert on the issue areas she works in.

Erin has a background in lobbying, campaigns, and fundraising. Her work has spanned a broad range of issue areas including health care, education, transportation, child and adult health and wellness, food security, prevention, juvenile justice reform, capital budget, outdoor recreation, and behavioral health. Before launching Dziedzic Public Affairs, Erin worked as the state director for the American Cancer Society managing state and federal relations, as a legislative aide in Olympia and ran several successful legislative campaigns.

Erin believes strongly in working for clients with missions and goals to improve lives. She works to advance her clients' mission through strategic planning, advocacy and direct lobbying. Erin takes the time to learn each client's unique mission, determine how the government can be a partner in their work, and develop strategic plans to achieve each client's desired outcomes. She has represented a broad range of clients including nonprofit organizations, cities, health systems, foundations, and coalitions.

Alex has worked in Washington state policy and politics since 2004. She is experienced at moving an issue or platform through Washington’s legislative landscape while building meaningful and diverse coalitions around the issue. Alex is focused on lobbying and policy development on behalf of clients; her expertise is in  the area of transportation, outdoor recreation, and healthy communities. 

 Before joining Dziedzic Public Affairs in 2018, Alex worked as state policy director at Washington Bikes where she leveraged relationships with community organizations, advocates, legislators, and agency partners to move policy and budget priorities through the legislative process in Olympia. Alex led bipartisan policy efforts that ushered in a regulatory frame-work for new transportation technologies, created pathways for improving safety outcomes for people using Washington’s transportation system, and secured budgetary wins for investments in the state’s transportation infrastructure.

​Alex’s background includes working as a legislative aide to a House leadership member. This role provided first hand perspective on the legislative process and the political dynamics which define the state capitol. Additionally, Alex oversaw several successful legislative campaigns.